Short team building activities

On this page you will find short, engaging and interactive team building activities in Cambodia with a duration of 10 to 90 minutes.

Some activities are ice-breakers, ideal in the beginning of a meeting, conference, training session, or larger team building event.

Others encourage a learning point, like improving communication, problem-solving or creativity. Some activities are simply fun and make you laugh and bond within your team.

But what they have all in common, they are facilitated with enthusiasm and skill by our Cambodian team.

For a half-day program, you will need to select about 3 to 6, for a full-day program about 4 to 8 activities.

Scan the below page, until you find an activity of your interest, then contact us at info(at) for a quote.

Enjoy this page and have fun!

Contenders from Atlas Copco team building event standing in circle and juggling a beach ball.

A physically engaging team building activity to encourage dexterity and collaboration.

15 min.

Participants of a team building event walking across  the maze in "Minefiled Activity"

A non-verbal communication activity to encourage risk taking, problem solving and support.

40 min.

Participants building bicycles during a CSR team building event.

In bicycles for charity, delegates must assemble a children’s bicycle from scratch. Tools, equipment and bicycle parts are provided for an unforgettable CSR bonding activity.

1 hour

In Ring Stack activity, team working together to place a ring across the cone.

Team building activity that encourages trust, team support and collaboration.

30 to 45 min.

Team building ice breaker activity "The ball and the hoop."

A short ice breaker team building activity.

10 min.

Executives stacked on top of each other in layers on top of balloons.

A team building activity to encourage goal settings and KPIs and silo politics.

30 to 45 min.

Team building ice-breaker activity "Balloon Snake" at Pattaya Beach.

A powerful team building ice-breaker or cool down activity.

15 to 20 min.

A large group doing rhythm with Boomwackers sticks.

Transforms any conference into an electrifying atmosphere that gives you goose bumps.

45 to 90 min.

A beautiful lady sitting in a self-made cardboard boat ready to paddle across the pool.

A hilariously funny team building activity to encourage problem solving and team bonding.

1 to 3 hours.

Beunite team building facilitators demonstrating "Chopsticks relay" game.

A high-paced adrenaline indulging relay requiring dexterity and team work.

20 min.

International MICE group showing a self-made flower garland.

A traditional Cambodian cultural activity

20 to 40 min.

Participants from Emirates Group during a team building activity at Lumpini Park

A fifteen to twenty minute team building activity to encourage coordination and dexterity

20 to 30 min.

Delegate on stage holding a giant dice during the "Bug eating competition"

A short but hilariously houmerous and funny team building activity.

25 min.

Large group standing in a circle ready for the "Human knots" activity.

A short ice-breaker activity encouraging problem solving skills .

10 to 20 min.

Team building participants sitting on round table and putting hands up.

A fun and entertaining get to know each other quiz.

1 hour to 90 minutes

Team building group jumping in a fun ice breaker activity.

A short ice-breaker activity that encourages body movement, focus and attention span

5 min.

This picture shows four contestants jumping in the infamous Jump Rope activity.

A short and physically challenging team building activity.

20 to 30 min.

Two participants trying to cross the lawn on a small plastic sheet.

A physically engaging team building activity.

20 to 30 min.

Contestant in fun team building game trying to assemble a puzzle by wearing a blindfold

A short and mentally engaging team building activity to encourage communication skills.

30 min.

Corporate delegates in action building a pyramid from future board.

Magic pyramid is a strategic team activity to encourage creativity and team work.

25 to 40 min.

Participants standing in a long line during the team building icebreaker activity "Line me up"

A short non-verbal communication game ideal to break the ice.

5 to 10 min.

Moonball team building activity outdoors.

A slightly physical but engaging team building activity to encourage dexterity and collaboration.

15 to 20 min.

A lady and a gentlemen pouring water into a tube during a team building game on the beach.

A physically engaging relay that can only be played on the beach.

20 to 30 min.

Corporate delegate helping child to put on an apron before the start of a CSR activity

A short CSR activity usually a part of a larger CSR event.

30 to 90 min.

Participant from multinational corporation on stage singing karaoke

The perfect evening entertainment activity to complement a theme dinner.

90 min.

Group wearing masks in one of Siem Reap's famous restaurants.

Turn your networking event or theme dinner into a fun and exciting masquerade ball.

30 to 90 min.

Corporate group standing in front of raft and discussing what to do next.

Your team rallies around the objective of building a raft from bamboo.

1 to 3 hours.

Two contenders wearing Sumo suits pushing each other out of the ring.

Probably the most hilariously funny evening party game.

30 to 90 min.

Rolling a giant dice in team building quiz activity

How much do you know about Cambodia? Test your knowledge in this entertaining board game.

30 to 60 min.

Contestant moving a large box in this infamous team building activity "Tower of Hanoi"

An intelligent team puzzle to encourage planning, execution and role clarification.

45 to 60 min.

Players trying to lift up a bucket without touching it

Teams must combine their mental capacity to solve this clever team puzzle.

20 to 30 min.

Participants holding a PVC pipe making a tennis ball roll from A to B

This interactive team challenge requires collaboration and team work skills.

15 to 30 min.

CSR group during T-shirt painting activity. Adults and Children.

A short team building activity included in larger CSR event.

20 to 30 min.

Corporate group competing outdoors in Walking Ski activity

Walking ski activity encourages physical exercise, dexterity, co-operation and team work.

15 to 30 min.

Players on each side of the volley ball net holding towels and trying to catch a water balloon.

A humorous team building activity to encourage fun, water splashing and competitiveness.
45 to 90 min.

In "Weigh Order", participants must wear blindfolds and line up a series of bottles in order of weight.

A blindfolded team building activity to encourage communication skills.

15 to 20 min.