Team building and learning

Do you think your fellow employees lacks crucial skills that are useful for organizations in the 21st century to succeed ? Or do you think your workforce needs a boost of morale, motivation and feeling of togetherness? Or are you looking for a team bonding and learning experience all in one?

Whether your organization is based in Cambodia, or if you fly in for a conference, a team building or educational trip, check out our fun and meaningful learning activities for corporate groups.

Beunite facilitator holding Maxwell's infamous book "The seventy indisputable laws of team work."

What do you think is a successful team? Is it a visionary, a determined, a skill- or resourceful team or a team consisting of great leadership?

Full day

Beunite lead facilitator in front of LCD screen showing Lencioni's infamous pyramid of the five dysfunctions.

Executives explore the complex world of team politics and team failure

1 to 2 days

Illustration representing blockchain.

How a decentralized peer-to-peer network may revolutionize the world

Full day

Manager posing for a group shot after completion of the Strategic Planning workshop

Strategic planning is a business skill that is widely applied by managers in Western companies, but nearly non-existent in Asian organizations. Why is this?


Foreign boss pointing rudely at Thai staff.

In this workshop, participants developing effective, intercultural relationships

Full day

Participants from NTPC are posing for a group shot with DISC animals in the background.

Psychometric testing and behavioral profiling workshop with lots of fun activities.

Full day

Six Thinking hats group photo in meeting room.

Make better meeting decisions with the concept of parallel thinking

Full day

Contenders during a debriefing on stage.

A fun way to introduce concepts of strategy, problem-solving, creativity, problem-solving and KPIs

Half day or Full day

A group of executives standing around a table discussing the content.

Participants learn to apply Hofstede's cultural dimensions and to shape tomorrow's leaders.

Half day

Executives pointing at cards laying open on a table.

One of the major organizational problems we face here in Cambodia is that our employees are trained to follow orders, and not to solve problems. This will change....

Half day or Full day