Minefield energizes and empowers the meeting attendees and can augments the mood of an entire audience.

Minefield improves the cognitive ability to listen, participate and engage in the upcoming conference.

In minefield, delegates are split into teams of up to twenty. It is a quiet and strategic activity.

The objective is to be the first team to cross the maze with all its team members. Minefield is best played with two, three or four teams, each approaching the maze from a different direction.

Minefield is one of our clients most favorite non-verbal communication game.

It can be plaid indoors and outdoors. It is a tactical activity and strategy time and debriefing is important.


Duration: 45 min to 1 hour.

Location: Indoor or outdoor.

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 80 participants.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organizations whos goal is to improve their workforce's communication, team support and leadership skills. It also complements a DISC workshop.