Team building events that rock

This main brochure provides you with an overview of all our team building activities and and events we currently facilitate in South-East Asia. The brochure is split into categories:

  • Amazing Races and scavenger hunts

  • Tablet based programs

  • CSR programs

  • Art & culture programs

  • Fashion and design programs

  • Learning and development work-shops

  • Ice breakers and short activities

  • Evening entertainment events

  • Adventure team building events

  • Company and executive outings

Team building event brochure


Angkor Wat Amazing Race

A half-day team building amazing race with tuk-tuks.

Siem Reap is one of the most popular MICE destination in 2018 and Angkor Wat a magnificent backdrop to your upcoming team building event.

In the Amazing Race, delegates are split into teams and each team is equipped with a set of instruction sheets, a travel budget, a tour guide and one or several tuk-tuks.

After planning their route, teams take-off to Angkor Wat world heritage site. Along the race, teams must take pictures, decipher clues and market for tourist souvenirs at the local market. The team who collects the most points along the way shall is the winning team and shall be awarded with a prize.

The mysteries of Angkor

Full-day team building scavenger hunt with mountain bikes. 


Take your team on a unforgettable scavenger hunt around Ankor Wat, the world's largest religious monument.


This treasure hunt with mountain bikes is for young, physically fit, competitive and witty participants.


The event starts and finishes in the client's hotel lobby or meeting room.


Delegates are split into teams and each team shall get a guide book, a mountain bike, protective gear, a map and an instruction sheet. 

Team building event bochure the mysteries of Angkor



CSR at Samrong Village

A half-day team building bonding experience 30-min from Siem Reap.


Samrong Village is a small rural village about 30-min. drive from Siem Reap. The people who are living there are super friendly and hospitable but lack basic infrastructure, sanitation, electricity and education.

It is our duty to help the underprivileged, and we combine our altruistic motives with a fun and engaging CSR team building event.

Jungle adventure at Mount Kulen National Park

A full-day team building adventure incl. lunch and transportation. 

Take this chance to experience one of Cambodia’s most fascinating jungles, the Phnom Kulen National park. Serving as a natural habitat for thousands of tropical plants, and animals, Mount Kulen can be reached by a 90-minutes drive from Siem Reap.

This adventure team building is for corporate groups that have already experienced Angkor Wat temples or wish to go for a more unique off-the-beating track experience.


My crazy farang boss

How do your organization’s Cambodian leaders react when Western bosses seem to be so non-caring, result-oriented and direct?


My Crazy Farang Boss – Developing Effective, Intercultural Relationships is a dynamic, one-day training program that enables Thai managers in international organizations to understand and interact more effectively with their foreign bosses and colleagues.

My Crazy Farang Boss – Developing Effective, Intercultural Relationships is perfect for mid to upper level Thai managers of international organizations, who interact on a daily basis with Western bosses, colleagues or customers.

Learning with fun

How do you increase team performance?


The learning with fun program is a different approach to classroom learning.


The carefully selected the team building activities are specifically designed to increase individual and interpersonal skills. By overcoming team challenges, you may turn an ordinary team into a high performing teams.

Each team building activity is suitable for a specific learning objective. Is it problem solving, creativity, leadership or simply getting to know each other  The activities are selected upon the clients requirements.

Team building workshop brochure my crazy farang boss
Team building workshop brochure learning with fun

More brochures are available for download on our Beunite Worldwide website.