I am quiz

In this hilariously funny get to know each other quiz, delegates are separated into teams and each team member must answer three simple questions about themselves.

• I am ….

• I have ….

• I have been…

The answer to each question is put on a piece of paper and one by one is red out loud by the MC. Each team must guess who the person is which results in action, laughter and giggling. Thunderous cheers break out when the team guesses correctly and gets a score.

The team with the highest score is the winning team.


Duration: 45 to 90 min.

Location: Indoors.

Ideal Group Size: 20 to 90 participants.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Staff from multinational organizations who wish to get to know each other better with a funny and humorous quiz.

Extras: Can be organized as part of a theme dinner or a teamwork skills training course.