Jump is a team building ice breaker activity that takes about five minutes. Delegates must stand up from their seats and follow the facilitator’s instructions.

When the facilitator says “jump left”, everybody jumps left, when he says “jump right”, everybody jumps right, then jump forward and then jump backward. In the second round, the level of difficulty increases, and the delegates must say the same as the facilitator is saying but do the opposite.

In the third and final round the delegates say the opposite of what the facilitator is saying but do the same.

This usually results in confusion and laughter by the delegates.


Duration: 5 min.

Location: Indoors or outdoors.

Ideal Group Size: 30 to 200 participants, the larger the better.

Physical requirements: Some.

Target participants: This ice-breaker activity is ideal before the start of a large conference, exhibition or team building events.