Masquerade ball

This is the perfect team building activity before a cocktail party, networking event or gala dinner.

In Masquerade ball, delegates are split into teams and each member must brainstorm a theme, which means décor, color and style.

Equipment such as masks, scissors, glue, glitter, feathers and paint is provided and each member of the team must make their own mask, based on the team theme.

This activity is preceded by a standing cocktail whereby everybody is wearing the mask.

It is a great way to start networking among people who don’t know each other yet. The masquerade ball is followed by gala dinner or cocktails.


Duration: 20 to 40 min.

Location: Indoors

Ideal Group Size: 30 to 200 participants.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organization in the mood of celebrating big.

Extras: Event venue and theme dinner can be organized by Beunite or the client.