Creating a garden

In creating a garden, Beunite selects a spot, usually a local school but sometimes a local park that has been neglected for years.

As part of the pre-event preparation, flowers, soil and gardening equipment is organized and prepared for the activity. Protective gear, aprons and gloves are provided too.

Team building participants from overseas and locals are paired up and the new concept is first drawn on a flip chart.

Once delegates agree on the concept, people are split into teams and each team is assigned one part of the garden to take care of. First, old flowers are removed, then new ones are planted.

The outcome is of breathtaking beauty and a euphoric feeling of accomplishment overcomes the participants.


Duration: 30 to 90 min.

Location: Outdoor.

Ideal Group Size: 20 to 200 participants.

Physical requirements: Some.

Target participants: Multinational organizations and their teams in search of a great CSR activity.