Karaoke competition

In Karaoke competition, delegates are split into teams and each team chooses their favorite song. One or several people of the team must go to the stage and show their performing skills.

After the performance, other teams can “vote” for the best singer by handing out garlands, which is a century old South-East Asian tradition.

This ceremony is not seldom accompanied by show flirting and great laughter of the audience.

Karaoke competition is best proceeded by a flower garland making activity or by the masquerade ball.


Duration: 90 min to 2 hours.

Location: Indoors.

Ideal Group Size: 30 to 200 participants.

Physical requirements: Some.

Target participants: Theme dinner groups, team building groups, organizations who intend to celebrate the right way.

Extras: Event venue may be organized by Beunite or the client.