Indoor team building in Cambodia

Are you going to organize your meeting, team outing or teambonding event in Cambodia? Have you chosen your preferred destination, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, and are you now looking for entertaining, educational or simply fun and meaningful team building activities?

If you have a tight meeting schedule, and you wish to have something in between, then indoor team building activities are perfect for you. And if you are traveling to Cambodia in the raining season, holding your team building indoors gives you security in regards to the weather.

A team building as part of your gala dinner is also best held indoors (or at secluded outdoor venues such as the temples of Angkor or Cambo Beach Clug), due to the noise level to avoid disturbances to other guests.

On this page you will find any type of indoor team building activities that is available in Cambodia. For team development, indoor learning (or educational) team building, follow the link to our Learning page.

Team smiling and making hand gesture after finishing the Weigh Order activity

The indoor with fun program consists of eight short and competitive activities and each serves a special purpose.

3 to 4 hours

Team building group from Wuerth jumping in the air in front of their painting

Picasso Materpiece is your perfect team building event, bringing people from different backgrounds together to achieve a common goal.

3.5 hours

Corporate Group is dancing on stage at Siem Reap Gala Dinner

This is the perfect team building event to accompany a gala dinner or a theme night.

2.5 hours

Participants sitting on round table and putting their hands up

A fun and entertaining quiz night to get to know the team and Cambodian culture

2 hours

Corporate group together with kids posing for a group photo after completing their CSR bicycle building activity.

A mix of CSR activities and competitive indoor team building games

3.5 hours

Managers and rank and file staff walking around the room with their hands in the air.

Indoor fun and easy (fizzy) consist of 3 to 6 short and competitive team building activities and points will be accumulated throughout the event. The winning team shall receive a prize.

2 to 4 hours

Participants completing the Human Knots team building activity

Meeting Énergie is a collection of high impact games and fun team energizers that can fit with any meeting objectives and schedule.

Half-day up to 2 days

Mask representing the masquerade gala dinner

Beyond the Mask is a unforgettable party theme, perfect for an awards ceremony, gala dinner evening or farewell celebration to conclude your team building.

4 hours