The Seven Laws of Team Work

What do you think is a successful team? Is it a visionary, a determined, a skill- or resourceful team or a team consisting of great leadership? And how do the players fit in? And what if ego stand in its way? Should we focus on the team or on the dream?

The full-day workshop Seven laws of team work is loosely based on the wall street bestselling book The 17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work by John C. Maxwell.

Seven of Maxwell's 17 laws are summarized in this work shop and presented in a fun and inspiring way. Theory is underlined with practical team building activities folwed by a thorough debriefing.

Team building activities include art, painting, handicraft, relays and adventure activities to test team performance, communication and leadership skills. Each activity is delivered and underlined with a powerful message that can be taken back to the work environment.


Duration: 8 hours.

Transportation: Indoor event (no transportation)

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 50 participants.

Best time for course: All year round.

Winning team: Typical win-win activities, without winning team.

Physical requirements: Some.

Target participants: Organizational change groups, culture change groups, any type of corporate groups, meeting groups, team building groups,.

Workshop language: In English or Thai. Therefore, the participant's level of spoken language should be proficient.

Extras: Workshop venue can be organized by the client or by Beunite.