Problem solving with fun

One of the major organizational problems we face here in Cambodia is that our employees are trained to follow orders, and not to solve problems.

This is a cultural phenomena experienced in other South-East Asian nations. But what can we do about it?

Problem solving skills (like creativity) are inherent to the nature of human beings, but almost completely wiped out throughout by the education system.

So how can we re-introduce the concept of problem solving into our organizations? This workshop provides attendees a unique opportunity to work together as a team, to solve problems as a team to have a feeling of accomplishment and team bonding.

The methods introduced by a professional Beunite instructor are universal: Problem analysis, 5Whys, finding the root problem of an issue and solving it.

The works shop is a mix of fun and engaging team building activities and part problem solving exercise, where the client's organizational challenges are examined.


Duration: 4 to 8 hours.

Location: Indoors

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 60 participants.

Best time for course: Year round.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organizations who wish to improve their employee's problem solving skills in a fun and meaningful fashion.

Extras: The training venue may be organized by the client or by Beunite.