Strategic Planning made easy

Strategic planning is a business skill that is widely applied by managers in Western companies, but nearly non-existent in Asian organizations.

Why is this? Is it not necessary? Is it overrated or even obsolete? Is it something only consultants supposed to do? We don't think so.

But we acknowledge that strategic panning is confusing, and planners using different terminology and different methods.

Strategic planning is a complex topic and needs to be broken down into simple steps.

The end result of this one-day workshop is a simple, 30-page framework of your business strategy that even your grandmother understands.


Duration: 1 to 2 days.

Location: Indoors.

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 30 participants.

Best time for course: All your round.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Multinational organizations that find it necessary that planning skills of their workforce should be improved.

Workshop language: In English or Thai. Therefore, the participant's level of spoken language should be proficient.

Extras: Training venue rental and food packages can be organized by Beunite.