Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is en vogue. Many people talk about it in business meetings and networking events. But do we really understand the technology and its impact on business and the economy?

And how about Bitcoin, the overlaying application using blockchain technology? Will it make banking and governments obsolete or is it a ponzi scheme?

By attending this workshop, you will overcome myths and misconceptions about blockchain and understand the the tremendous possibilities this technology provides for your organization.

This workshop is by all means not geared towards technologically savvy geeks. It's taught in a simple language, using case studies, stories and videos, and to be followed and understood by students, office workers and managers.

The majority of time is brainstorming solutions, group work and presentations and geared towards innovative ideas your organization may apply and use in the future.


Duration: 4 to 9 hours.

Location: Predominantly indoors.

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 50 participants.

Best time for course: Year round.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organizations who wish to educate their staff regarding blockchain and bitcoin.

Workshop language: In English. Therefore, the participant's level of spoken language should be proficient.

Extras: Training venue, food and accommodation can be organized by Beunite.