Team building and DISC

We often hear the argument that we don't need a behavioral profiling system because human beings are all unique, and we don't want to be put into a box. We agree completely.

However, the profiling is done in order to understand oneself and one's team mate better but in order to resolve misunderstandings, miscommunication, assumptions and misconceptions.

DISC is a crucial tool for self-development, self-assessment and to learn how we behave in certain situations.

DISC stands for dominance, influence, supportiveness and conscientiousness and none of the four behavioral styles are better or worse than others.

Attendees will find out where they are strong, where they are weak and the implications of their profile when it comes to conflict resolution.

Workshop attendees will learn how to change their own behavioral style and how to respond to to conflict under pressure.


Duration: 4 to 9 hours

Location: Indoor and outdoor.

Ideal Group Size: 10 to 60 participants.

Best time for course: All year round.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organizations who want their workforce to improve team work, conflict management understanding of oneself and others in a fun and meaningful way.

Extras: Workshop venue, transportation and meals can be organized by Beunite.

Language: The workshop is facilitated in English or Thai. Khmer language is not yet available.