Quiz night

This quiz night consists of two activities, one ideal scheduled before gala dinner and one after.

The I am quiz, is played before the dinner and an amusing way of getting to know each other. Delegates are split into teams and each team ideally is placed on a round table. Each person in the team must write down three statements about themselves, I am.... I have.... I've been....and their team name.

The MC collects the sheets and reveals the statement and the team name but not the person's name. Teams now must guess and find out who that particular person is. It is an emotional roller coaster ride.

Teams jubilate if they guess correctly and are devastated if they are wrong. This team building quiz activity is followed by gala dinner.

After gala dinner, the Cambodian quiz is played. This is a typical trivia-type quiz with multiple choice questions and the first team who guesses correctly receives points.

Points are kept track on the scoreboard and the team with the most points is the winning team and shall be awarded with a prize.


Duration: 4 hours before, during and after theme dinner.

Location: Indoors or outdoors.

Ideal Group Size: 30 to 200 participants.

Best time for course: If outdoors, November to February.

Physical requirements: None.

Target participants: Organizations who intend to step up a notch from their usual theme dinners .

Extras: Dinner venue must be organized by Beunite.