Team Building in Cambodia


How to make it meaningful?

What is the purpose of your upcoming team building event? Should it be fun, should it create a feeling of togetherness, should it encourage team bonding, should it be inspiring and motivating?

​At Beunite, we believe that a successful team building event should firsts and foremost be meaningful.

​A CSR activity may be meaningful in regards to the philanthropic endeavor and the act of caring for the community. A team development workshop may be meaningful because it improves morale, emotional well being and efficiency of the your workforce. An Angkor Wat Amazing Race may be meaningful as delegates explore the beauty of this ancient capital in a fun and competitive way.

​Meaningful team building means the workshop should reach the objectives our client has set out, it should entail a message or meet a learning objective and it should change the perception of the participants in regards to him or herself, his or her colleague, towards working together as a team and towards the community.

​A team building event in Cambodia can be a one off occasion as part of a MICE meeting, or it could be a regular company outing, or part of a larger effort to develop team culture in your organization. For Beunite, meaningful is a long term relationship between our team and our clients in regards to making your workplace a more happy and inspiring place to work.


Team building group posing for a group picture in front of Angkor Wat

A physical and competitive team building scavenger hunt with mountain bikes at Angkor Wat.

6 hours

Team building facilitator holding John C. Maxwell's infamous book "The 17 indisputable laws of team work"

A mind opening full-day team building workshop with focus on improving team performance

8 hours

Group picture inside Angkor Wat at the "Center of the Earth"

Teams race around the temples of Angkor on Tuk-tuks to decipher riddles and clues and to solve picture and video tasks and barter for local souvenirs.

4 to 5 hours

Team building group at Casino table smiling and waving to the photographer

Whatever you wish to celebrate, celebrate it properly! The Casino Royale theme Dinner is designed for intercultural groups, consisting of different activities suitable for different cultures and nationalities.

3- 4 hours

Classical Cambodian Dance Performance

This gala dinner is perfect in conjunction with the Angkor Wat Amazing Race and the venue is breathtaking. A million Candles light up this mystic place and participants feel like travelling back in time to the Kingdom of Angkor.

4 hours


Rolf Graf, Beunite's founder and managing director.

Rolf Graf

Intellectual and spiritual father of Beunite.

Rolf is married and father of two children. He has been living in South-East Asia for 20 years.

​Rolf Graf is a serial entrepreneur, lead facilitator, trainer and coach and has led more than 100 training work-shops and team building events in his carreer.

​He lives in Bangkok , Surin and Siem Reap.

Samnang Chhon, founder of Angkor Kids Center and general manager of Beunite Cambodia

Samnang Chhon

Samnang Chhon, co-founder of Asia Natural Tours and Managing Director of Beunite Cambodia, is a 32-year old Cambodian national.

He has been in the travel and tourism industry for more than ten years with experience at Asian Trails and many other international DMCs.

Samnang also founded the NGO Angkor Kids center where many of Beunite's CSR events take place.

He lives with his wife and four children in Siem Reap.

Van Leat, facilitator for Beunite Cambodia

Leat Van

With a bachelor of English for international business administration, Leat Van has been in the travel and tourism industry for eight years.

With a strong background in F&B, he currently holds the assistant manager position at Asia Natural Tours, Beunite's strategic partner in Cambodia.

Leat Van is Beunite's most talented trainee facilitator and will soon be leading Beunite events on his own.

Leat Van is a Cambodia national and lives in Siem Reap with his wife and baby boy.



"All our people were amazed and thrilled and all commented how lovely and helpful and professional you all were.

​We had the best week, and the conference was a huge success and it was a lot to do with your great attention to service.

Congratulations on your staff and yourselves!"​

Michael Gardner

Group Director Medical Services

International SOS