Survivor challenge Koh Rong

Koh Rong is a picturesque island surrounded by deep blue ocean with white sandy beaches. Therefore, Koh Rong is the perfect backdrop for our mystical team building survivor challenge.

Teams are equipped with just the necessary personal items, and taken to Koh Rong by speed boat. 500 m before the shore, the first challenge begins. The engine of the speed boat breaks down, and teams must swim to the shore (with life wests). The first team arriving the shore will get extra supplies for building their camp.

This unique team building experience comes with overnight stay in tents, team challenges such as raft building or sea jousting, BBQ challenge, and a meeting at night with torch lights to align your team for future challenges.


2 days / 1 night

Return transportation from Sihanoukville provided.

Ideal group size
10 to 40 participants.

Best time of travel
November till April.

This team building event is available in the dry season only.

Winning team
The winning team shall receive a prize.

Physical requirements
Medium to high physical requirements are expected. Not suitable for non-swimmers.

Internal meetings:
Meetings to align your team are included in a somewhat different environment.

Target participant
This is a corporate leadership team building event. Perfect for relatively young and physically fit executives and rank and file staff from multinational organizations.